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Latest 'On Our Minds' Blog: Why We Fought to Make A Film About Mental Health

Writer and filmmaker, Michael DiBiasio, explains why he and his wife fought to make a film about mental health. Learn more about the film here.

DJ Wilkerson: Growing & Thriving Thanks to MHA-NYC

DJ Wilkerson writes about his experiences using MHA-NYC's programs. "As much as I hate clichés, here it goes. The Queens ASC honestly changed my life." Read the rest of his moving piece here.

Chirlane McCray Enlists New York Clergy in Mental Health Outreach

Clergy across New York City talked to their flocks over the weekend about mental illness, as part of a push by Ms. McCray to overhaul the city’s mental health system. Learn more here.

Weekend Media Roundup

Stay informed about the latest ‪mental health‬ news by reading our weekend media roundups! Check out our favorite stories this week: here.

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  • Weekend Media Roundup for 5/27/15


    Stay informed about the latest mental health news by reading our weekend media roundups. Our favorite stories this week: “For Ono, the time to speak about mental health is now” By Cameron Knight and Anne Saker, (part of USA Today)  “NYC officials take over dozens of church pulpits to talk mental health” By Kaitlyn Schallhorn, The Blaze “No […]

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  • Why We Fought to Make A Film About Mental Health


    A few years ago, I read a pair blog posts, from professional screenwriters, about how you don’t often see depression in films or on TV. The (somewhat understandable) general concession from each writer was that it’s tough to get a general audience to follow a character whose state renders him/her more “passive” than “active” – […]

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  • DJ Wilkerson: Growing & Thriving Thanks to MHA-NYC


    Nothing. That’s what I’ve been called. That’s what I’ve been amounted to. That’s what I felt like. That’s never what I thought I’d be. I was born and raised in Harlem. My father gone before I was born, my older brother gone by the time I was 6, and my mother a devout Christian. I […]

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